Writing Prompt: Analysis

Note: do not assume that by completing this tutorial you will have an "instant analysis." The prompt questions will only help you to brainstorm your topic, to get you thinking about it.

Prompt #1: Why does this text interest / appeal to you?



Prompt #2: Write a sentence that tells me what you think the text is about.


Prompt #3: Rewrite that sentence in the form of a question that you could answer with evidence from the text.


Prompt #4: Write down 3 related assertions about the text that will help to answer that question .



Prompt #5:Write down three formal elements of the text that might contribute to supporting your assertion. (point of view, symbol, image, representative actions, dialogue, structural elements, tone, etc.)


Prompt #6: Isolate each formal element and explain exactly how it contributes to supporting your assertion.



Prompt #7: Write down 5 quotations from the text--at least one related to each formal element you have  mentioned that might support your assertion


Prompt #8: Explain why each of these quotations and elements supports an assertion or answers your thesis question


Prompt #9: Explain how your close reading answers your original question


Prompt #10: Explain why your study contributes to a better understanding of the piece.